Frequently Asked Questions

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Is diamond painting difficult?

There’s a clear answer to this one: NO! It’s super easy to get started with our 5d diamond painting kits that contain all the basics to get going. Simply dip the colorful diamonds on the raster of the self-adhesive canvas and your design will come to life! You can check the colors by using the labels that we print on the outer edge of the canvas and diamond packs. It’s easy and relaxing; everyone can enjoy dippin’ diamonds!

Do your kits come with square or round diamonds?

Unless stated otherwise, all our kits come with square diamonds. Simply because they give you the most beautiful results! We do have a special category for paintings that we offer with round diamonds. They might be easier for you to get started with diamond painting. Note that there are even some exclusive designs that come with special shaped diamonds. Keep an eye out for those!

Are your canvases fully covered with glue?

In the wonderful world of diamond painting, you might encounter the terms full drill or partial drill. This means whether you can fully cover the design with diamonds, or only a part of it. Usually, our canvases are full drill, such that you can cover the full picture for the best results! Special exceptions will be clearly indicated on that product page. Note that all our canvases have a white border around the paintings, this area does not have glue.

What is the '5d' in 5d diamond painting?

When you ask this question, you pay close attention to details! A great skill to carefully place the diamonds and make your diamond paintings look sparkling! Anyways, the 5d refers to the facets of the best quality diamonds. All our diamonds are “5d diamonds” and have 12 facets to give you the most sparkle.

What if my canvas is wrinkled?

First of all: no worries! It might happen that the canvas gets a little wrinkled during the shipping process. The easy fix for this is to lift half of the foil off the canvas and flatten that area while you put the foil back in place. Then simply repeat on the other half! When this doesn’t help enough, you can place something heavy (some books will do) on the canvas to straighten it. If the canvas cannot be used, due to sharp folds of some sorts, simply contact us and you might ship you a new one. We will sort things out with a warm heart. 

What to do when I am missing some diamonds?

Even though we always aim to add 20% more diamonds in our kits, it can always happen that you miss some packs of diamonds. We are all humans after all and mistakes happen. Contact us and we will send you the missing diamonds as soon as possible. Feel free to start with your 5d diamond painting kit while you wait for those extra diamonds!


What are your shipping times?

We are proud to say that we can offer you international shipping to your house in most countries around the globe. It does mean that shipping times depend on your location. Check your personal shipping time estimate on our shipping and returns page.

Where can I track my package?

We are happy to hear that you are so excited for your diamond painting kit and can’t wait to get started! You can find all tracking information on our shipping page.

Is my package on the way? I have not yet received a tracking code.

We always do our best to process all orders quickly and usually you will recieve your tracking code within 24 hours. During high volume periods (like sales), it might take us some extra time to send you your package. Please allow upto 3 days for us to send you your tracking code. If you are worried or suspect something went wrong, feel free to contact us and we will look into it.

How do you protect my precious diamond painting?

We understand that you love diamond painting and want an undamaged package! Depending on the size of your order, we have different options to ensure that. We might place the canvas and diamonds in a tube wrapped in plastic for easy and quick transportation. These tubes are air-filled plastic chambers to ensure your package reaches you safely. Otherwise you will find your order in a cardboard box, protected by bubble wrap if necessary. 

What to do if my products got damaged during shipping?

We are sad to hear that, despite our efforts, your package got damaged during transport. Eventhough this is out of our control, we want to make sure you are happy with your order. Take some photos of the damaged packaging and products and then contact us. No worries though, we will help you out and get back to you asap! For more details, you can also check our refund and return policy.


I paid for my order, but where is my confirmation email?

You can expect to receive a confirmation email of your order within a few minutes after payment. If you can’t find it, please check your spam folder and the email address you provided us with. No luck after 15 minutes? If our awesome email decided not to reach you, please contact us with your order details and we’ll figure it out.

What to do if something went wrong with my payment?

While it almost never happens, many things could go wrong during checkout. If this happens to you and there’s a problem with the payment, please contact us with the issue. We will look into it asap and make sure you can also enjoy shopping with us.

Do you accept other payment methods?

We accept the major payment options like PayPal and creditcard (using Stripe). Unfortunatelly, we cannot accept other payment methods.

Are my payment details safe?

Yes, we have a secured check-out environment. As indicated by the padlock before the url in your browser, our website is so-called SSL encrypted and thus gives a secure connection. We will not see your payment details, but those are handled securely via PayPal or Stripe.


I am not happy with my order, can I return it?

We are sad to hear that you are unhappy with us! Luckily, this doesn’t happen often, but if it does you can return your order to us within 30 days after recieving the package. To do so, contact us with details of why you want to return your product(s). We will then send you the return address in The Netherlands. Please note that the return shipment is at your own cost and risk (of damage/loss/..). We recommend you to use a tracked shipment option. Once we recieved your returned package, we will refund you using your original method of payment. NOTE: custom paintings can not be returned.

I am missing some diamonds, should I return the painting?

Even though we always aim to add 20% more diamonds in our kits, it can always happen that you miss some packs of diamonds. Luckily, there is no need to return your painting though! Simply contact us and we will send you the missing diamonds as soon as possible. Feel free to start with your 5d diamond painting kit while you wait for those extra diamonds!

Should I pay the return costs myself?

Yes, return shipping is at your own cost and risks (of damage/loss/..). We are based in The Netherlands and will send you the exact return address after you contacted us with your return request.

How should I pack my return?

The easiest solution is to package it the same way as it arrived on your doorstep. If you don’t have the original packaging anymore, you can always pack it yourself in a cardboard box. Make sure you protect the package with some bubble wrap; return shipping is at your own risk of damage. We cannot fully refund damaged products.